Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I miss you

Dear Anonymous,

Many times I thought of writing to you, and because of my over-thinking, I find that I will write you just trash ….but why not? I’m just talking to myself so I don have to decorate it...I only want to know some answers for many questions in my head .Some other times its just anger &I need to blow it up &nothing more …

Well…right now I don know what’s really wrong with me. It’s not loneliness anymore because I’m surrounded with some people not much I admit but really cares for me and loves me for who I am...Maybe I’m just angry of circumstances and problems ruining my mind ;can’t sleep ,don’t want to wake up &hating everything and every upcoming day

Once upon a time my favorite quote was “Tomorrow is a better day”, Today I say…hell no, it won’t differ Tomorrow is only mystery to me &sure it’s not better

*Why this happening …and why we make some decisions we regret taking it the moment there’s no way back

*Why we don’t have a magic wound to make the pain go away from people we love…

*Why once we feel happy in deep inside, we find thorns all around us

*Why when we say this is enough …it never stops

Why and why many questions with no answer…and no way back

I should be happy because of some lovely things I live in and for …but I’m not...cuz while I’m supposed to be smiling, I fight my tears to stop from falling

My dearest of all ….My whole life began with you, you took care of me & raised me good girl. You want to cry but you think it’s not time for it. I promise you, once I have the chance I’ll make it all up to you .if I could change this world to make you I smile...I would if I could, or even if I couldn’t ..I don’t care for anyone in this world as much as I do to you
I wish u could hold me tight right now to give me strength to keep holding on cuz I need to feel you inside me
I miss you a lot, and I’ll do my best to worth your precious trust my dearest of all

I LOVE YOU MOM <3 <3 <3 <3


Dr.Invisible said...

Enty feen?? it has been long time since u last posted hope ur doing fine

Missed ur blog :))

Anonymous said...

ومر العمر يا ولدى أشلاء ممزقه
وأطلال من بيوت أشعارى مبعثره
تلك التى أحببتها يوم
و تلك التى كانت هى الصاحب والسند
أين هن الآن وعن الحال أسألهم

رد الصدى بصوت عتيق ضاحك

قد اصبحت فى طى النسيان أشلاء ممزقه